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Innovative teachers

  • High education;
    (Economical / pedagogical / humanitarian / technical);
  • Successful experience of working with children; Young, positive, teamwork;
  • Desire to develop and improve their skills;
  • NCEE, EBBD, BIGBOSS accreditation after compulsory



BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL as the system must be located in a building that contains all necessary facilities for the learning process.


The recommended total floor area — from 100 m2, should include a hall, an administrative office, classrooms (at least two), bathrooms, locker rooms.


Training classes should be an area of 20 to 60 m2, preferably equipped with lounge chairs convertible with “integrated table”, whiteboard, flipchart with paper and markers, screen, projector or a TV / monitor.

Annual Franchisee Training

Each franchisee runs the mandatory annual training.

Passage of the first course is the fact that the total volume of educational technologies and business technologies is transfered to the franchisee, and that is the value of lump- sum payment.

At the end of the first course, the franchisee is given the license to conduct activities under the BigBoss brand, a set of learning and teaching materials, all kinds of documents needed to conduct business. The teacher receives a certificate of attendance, the exam and the right to teach in BigBoss Business School.


You as a franchisee are in the most powerful educational team in the world! We are number one in the world:

  • by the number of produced innovations in education *
  • profitability of doing business *
  • number of items in the practice of business education *
  • creativity and fashionability in brand feed **


* According to international experts review, European Bureau for Business Development, UK; Marketing Strategy Agency B29, PL; European Association for Business Development, UA.

** Our global Media partner - Mediaholding 100%